Overview of the Curriculum & Apprenticeship Programs
The Core Curriculum: The Certification Program.
6 Modules. Estimated time of completion 18-24 months.
Module 1: Document Examination I
This module will begin with an overview of the Document Examination Profession including the requirements of a Document Examiner, the History of Handwriting, writing systems, exemplars.
Module 2: Document Examination II
This module covers the laboratory, photography, computers, scanners, the alteration of documents and forgeries, ink, paper, typewriters, faxes, copiers and begins to discuss the legal proceedings.
Module 3: Advanced Document Examination
This class will utilize the textbook "Handwriting Identification: Facts and Fundamentals". This class will reinforce material learned in Modules 1 and 2 and expand the student's knowledge base.
Module 4: The Professional Expert Witness - Mastering the art of court testimony and depositions
This module will prepare you to be an invaluable asset to your client as the expert witness relating to key case documents.
Module 5: Business and Marketing Tools for the Document Examiner
This module will cover business start up processes, business entities, and marketing ideas, sales tools, and techniques. You will be provided processes, procedures, and forms for managing your office.
Module 6: Proficiency Testing and Apprenticeship
This module is the most personal and interactive with our faculty and includes the assignment of a faculty mentor for your "active cases". It involves locating actual clients and working with clients.
Optional Curriculum for US and Canadian Students:
The Career Track Partnership Program
You work directly with Bart Baggett
The Career Track Partnership Program
This program is a professional's program designed to fast track your document examination education into a full-time business. Only selected students will be accepted into this program where you work in partnership for 3-4 years directly with Bart Baggett and literally being on "his team." Upon completion of the training and business partnership, your business will be thriving, your website ranked atop the search engines, and you will have repeat customers. Naturally, you can continue to partner with us or go off on your own.

If you are accepted, you will end up with a fully monetized and strategic flow of leads and referrals before you go out on your own.
What Does The Partnership Program Do For Me In Addition To The Training?
  • ​We advertise for you. More leads = more customers.
  •  We handle all accounting and payments issues.
  •  You get to work real cases side-by-side with Bart Baggett and other Faculty Members.
  •  You get extended mentoring and case support.
  •  We build out a website and Google Adwords campaign all done-for-you.
  •  Earn money each month from real clients and continue to serve those clients for years to come.
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