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Getting Court Qualified.  Voir Dire
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Voir Dire  is what we call the process of  qualifying an expert witness is a real court of law.  Like many legal terms, its roots are from the Latin Language. It’s typically an live examination on the witness where you’re “vetted” to see if you really do have the training and credentials to be more than a witness... are you an "expert witness". 

As a forensic document examiner, you need to be well prepared for this process. Our goal in the school is to prepare you in such a way that the first time you testify as a forensic expert, they go, “yup, you are clearly an expert. This course would value hearing your opinion.”

In addition to that, you’ll have questions from attorneys that are designed to position you as an expert. So if you happened to be a career law enforcement expert, you could have an attorney interview you for Voir Dire with a question like, “have you worked in law enforcement for the last 20 years?”

Those attorney questions position you well in the Voir Dire process and give you a leg up so that judge feels confident that your opinion is not biased, but based on your experience.

In the school, we help you with this whole process through mock trials and hours of case presentations.   Just last week, I was on the witness stand for over 2 hours just fighting an aggressive attorney during voir dire.  Naturally, I was prepared and handled all his questions perfectly. The judge found my experience and training acceptable and she accepted me as an expert witness and we moved on with the trial.  

But, our job as teacher is to get you ready for that aggressive attorney.

A mock trial is a practice run at being an expert in court. The way we do it is by having other people serve as opposing examiners and opposing attorneys, and then they ask you hard questions that you get some practice answering with calm and poise.

With enough practice, you’ll have gone through a number of pre-season mock trials before you have to do it in real life.

Getting your first real testimony under your belt is often one of the overlooked details of starting this career that trips people up. That’s why we spend so much time and effort on it in the school - so you walk into the room prepared as a professional. One of our goals is to get you court qualified before you finish your two-year apprenticeship program.

Therefore, when you fully start your business, you have all the credentials you need. 

If you have questions about this career, we are here to answer your questions. Just call up on of our admissions counselors and have a conversation about the program.

Bart Baggett. Founder of the International School of Forensic Document Examination

Criminal Justice Degrees and Forensic Science training: This distance learning program is a unique addition to anyone who has already started getting a criminal justice degree or wants to get a specific marketable skill in either a government agency or work in private practice related to forensic science.  As far as we know, there are not any accredited universities which offer a 2 or 4 year degree in forensic document examination. This program trains you in the science of forensic document examination and teaches you the tools to start your own business - working from home - and succeeding as an expert witness, and even sharing the revenue as part of the apprenticeship on the job training portion of the program.  We only take one student from each major metropolitan area each year and many cities are already reserved for current students. Contact our admissions team to see if you qualify for the program.